Greek Plum Cake

20171028_162536We grow three varieties of plums in our yard.  Needless to say, when we have a good year we are swimming in plums.  This was a good year.

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Cinnamon Basil (Ocimum basilicum ‘Cinnamon’)

20171027_084310As the name implies, Cinnamon Basil has a slight cinnamon-y taste to it.  I wouldn’t start making cinnamon rolls with it, but there are certain savory dishes that it is a perfect compliment to.  Many Greek and Middle Eastern meat-based recipes actually use cinnamon for flavor, and so Cinnamon Basil would also be an excellent addition.  Give your pesto a bit of a twist by using this basil along with your Sweet Basil.  I’ve even used it in my Basil Jelly recipe.  Throw it in salads, or season vegetables with it.

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Burgundy-Garlic Roast Tri-Tip

20181031_164547If you’re not from California, especially Central California, you can be forgiven for not knowing about beef tri-tip.  What was once considered a sub-par cut of meat mostly reserved for ground beef has now become a highly sought after slab of tastiness, but only if you know how to prepare it.

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