In the beginning…

Welcome to Mostly Greek!  I decided to start this site because I wanted to share my love for gardening, home made food, Greek culture, and living a sustainable and healthy life.  The irony does not escape me that I got so caught up in figuring out web-page design that I had to resort to popping open a package of hot-dogs and a couple of cans of chili for dinner for my family.  Oh well…  Something about the best-laid plans.

I called this site “Mostly Greek” because that pretty much sums up what it is.  I love Greek food, but I basically just love food.  You’ll also find information on gardening and cultural traditions, recipes, stories, and more!  Enjoy!

greek flag

2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Hi Dorie, I love your blog, not only because I love all things Greek but also because of your quirky personal style of writing. I think I can learn a lot from you, not just cooking and gardening but also how to be entertaining. I started my blog a little over a year ago and its good fun, when I get around to it. So keep the fun and great topics up!

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