Buttery Beer Seafood Bake

20190418_080039I had a bag of mixed seafood in the freezer.  Make it two.  I had some beer that was still in the bottle and not in my belly.  Then I had an idea.

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Roast Chicken with Artichoke Hearts & Greek Peperoncini

20190101_160823I’m honestly surprised that my family hasn’t sprouted wings, yet.  We do eat a lot of chicken.  No, really.  A. Lot.

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Easy Weeknight Spareribs

20181128_184043There are a couple of staples that my spice cabinet is never without because they help make meal prep so much easier.  One is an “Italian Seasoning” salt-free herb blend, and the other is a vegetable and spice mix.  Blend them together with a little olive oil and you have an instant rub for every roast or chicken feast.

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Rosemary Tri-Tip with Roasted Vegetables

20181206_192400As much as I like to cook, I also like having meals that can come together with as little fuss as possible.  What can I say?  I’m a bit busy!

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Greek White Fish Stew

20181126_221503Fresh seafood combined with fresh vegetables simmered in a flavorful broth, topped with a sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese, and that comes together in a jiffy… why yes, I’d like seconds, please!

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Roast Chicken with Garlic & Carrots

20180426_164152Someone once uttered the phrase “that’s too much garlic.”  It was like they were speaking English, but the words just didn’t make sense.  What is this thing “too much garlic?”  Is this even possible?!

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Greek Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken

20180131_135451My brain tends to get a multitude of ideas roaming around in it all at once.  Much of the time those ideas have nothing to do with each other, but when I’m hungry those random thoughts start to coalesce around the concept of eating something.  Shocking, I know.

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Beer Braised Pork Loin Roast

20180826_185246Roasts are wonderful for a couple of important reasons: they tend to be cheaper cuts of meat, and they make a lot of food so I get to have leftovers and don’t have to cook every night.

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