A listing of plants I actually have grown with tips, pros and cons, and loads of other information about each one.

There is nothing more annoying than buying a plant for any purpose, only to realize all the pictures and growing instructions are completely different than what you actually get.  The list below is an ongoing catalogue of plants I have actually grown in Zone 9-ish with information on the pros and cons, actual size, things to look out for, ways to adapt if it is not really a zone 9 plant, when to plant, season of interest, harvest information, and links to any recipes I have on the site.

Where we are located is USDA Zone 9a\9b, and we are right on the boundary of Sunset Zones 8 and 9.  This is a very similar climate to many of the interior regions of Greece.  Our yard has several micro climates due to trees, a cinder block wall, the location of the house, and the path of the sun throughout the year.  Take note of your own growing areas to figure out what the best placement of plants will be given your climate.  The best advice I can give to any fellow gardener: don’t be afraid to dig up something if its not working!  We have moved/removed/terminated multiple plants out of necessity, and it is likely you will, too.  Just think, free exercise!