Skordalia (Greek Garlic & Bread Dip)

I have known only one person in my life that has ever uttered the phrase “that’s too much garlic”.  Yes, I’m still friends with them.

Greek Lamb Stew

Traditionally in Greece, lamb is more of a spring-time thing.  But with the invention of these nifty things called refrigerators, freezers, and mass world wide transit, things like lamb are available year round.  Good for me, because lamb is one of my favorites.

Turkey “Shepherd’s Pie”

Turkeys are some pretty big birds.  Roast one, and you’ve got yourself enough turkey to last until you start gobbling.  Or maybe crying.  Yep, probably crying.  Don’t despair, help is here in the form of a modern twist on an old recipe.


From roasts to souvlaki (seasoned meat on skewers), a variety of traditional flavors and time saving tips for your busy week.